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Behind the scenes...
                                   at Eggshelland 2002
How did they do that?

Setting pegs for map/flag

The project begins with Betty Manolio's drawings translated to 4' x 8' pegboard, inserting
a wooden stick in every other hole on the board upon which an eggshell will be placed later.

Snow at beginning of setup

After the easels and flood lights were placed, this heavy snow blanketed the project in white.

Setting pegs for Monsters Inc.

The snow melted and the work of inserting the wooden sticks in the pegboard
continued with the characters from Monsters Inc.

Eggs and bridges

The crew  continued  following the sketchs and placing the painted eggshells
spanning the areas while kneeling on wooden bridges.

Children setting eggs on sign

The Manolio grandchildren helped placing painted eggshells
on each peg on the Eggshelland Sign.

All done

The setup of Eggshelland was finished at last.  
You can see some small patches of snow here and there.

Snow over Eggshelland

Then more snow fell covering the precisely set eggshells and
all the mosaic designs were hidden from view.

Plain Dealer story

Ron Manolio sprinkled the eggshells with hot water to melt the snow and ice.

Ladder truck

When the snow melted  the Lyndhurst Fire Department brought their Ladder Truck
to Linden Lane so Ron could take the annual ariel view for Eggshelland 2002.


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