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Snow at Eggshelland on March 27, 2002

Snow at Eggshelland

The beautiful designs took three weeks to layout to perfection!  And then it snowed and snowed
and covered the beauty with a blanket of white.

Eggshell thanks!

Touches of silver run through the displays. 

Cross under the snow

The 50 foot Cross is under this expanse of snow.

Chick and Owl

The mascot, the Easter Bunny, lies under this snow at the feet of Chick and the wise old Owl. 

Credit for eggshells

Happy Easter Dell Donahoo,  from Channel 3, is scheduled  to visit in two days on Friday, March 29.
Wonder if the eggs will reappear by then?
Del Donahoo
I hope so for Betty and Ron have worked hard to give us
"Sea to Shining Sea" for Easter in 2002.

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