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LIVING WITH DYSAUTONOMIA: A patient's perspective.

I have POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.)  I worked for a community college for 17 years.  I became disabled in December of 1997.  I was paid short term disability for two months.  My employer then gave me a return to work date.  I could not even stand much less go back to work.  I have not received another dollar from my employee benefits to which I contributed.  I have been discriminated against in the most heartless manner.  My life has been severely impacted by this financial devastation.  Where are the protection laws for the American worker when they are denied their just due?

I have listed some books here on disability and dysautonomia through my affiliation with  If you care to help a patient who is trying to help herself, please consider ordering your books and tapes and many other products from through this page.  Thank you and God bless!

This website is under developement as my time and energy permit.  So check back again for updates.
Please do not hesitate to email your suggestions or additions.

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How To Apply For And Win Social Security Administration Disability
                     by Frederick A. Johnson
                     Our Price: $49.95
Disability, Difference, Discrimination : Perspectives on Justice in
Bioethics and Public Policy (Point/Counterpoint)
                     by Anita Silvers, David Wasserman, Mary B. Mahowald
                     Our Price: $18.95

Exploring Disability : A Sociological Introduction
                     by Colin Barnes, Geoff Mercer, Tom Shakespeare, Geof Mercer
                     Our Price: $29.95

Handbook of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction
                     by Amos D. Korczyn (Editor)
                     Our Price: $199.00

Aging of the Autonomic Nervous System
                     by Francesco, M.D. Amenta (Editor)
                     Our Price: $225.00

Autonomic Failure : A Textbook of Clinical Disorders of the Autonomic
Nervous System (Oxford Medical Publications)
                     by Roger Bannister (Editor), Christopher J. Mathias (Editor), Christopher Matthias (Editor)
Our Price: $195.00

Autonomic Pharmacology
                     by Kenneth J. Broadley
                     Our Price: $182.00

Clinical Guide to Cardiac Autonomic Tests (Developments in
                     Cardiovascular Medicine, Vol. 206)
                     by Marek Malik (Editor)
                     Our Price: $173.00

The Autonomic Nervous System and Aromatherapy
                     by Jennine Stromkins, Trent Stromkins (Illustrator)
                                 Our Price: $24.95

The Autonomic Nervous System and Its Effectors
                     by Alison Brading
 Our Price: $125.00

The Autonomic Nervous System :
An Introduction to Basic and
Clinical Concepts
                     by Otto Appenzeller, Emilio Oribe
                                  Our Price: $272.00
Table of Contents
                     Raymond D. Adams
                     Chapter 1 Autonomic anatomy, histology and neurotransmission
                     Chapter 2 Neurogenic control of the circulation, syncope and hypertension
                     Chapter 3 Temperature regulation
                     Chapter 4 Autonomic modulation of the neuroendocrine system
                     Chapter 5 Neurogenic control of respiration
                     Chapter 6 The enteric nervous system
                     Chapter 7 Autonomic modulation of immunity
                     Chapter 8 Neurogenic control of copulatory behavior and sexual function
                     Chapter 9 Neurogenic control of renal function
                     Chapter 10 Neurogenic control of micturition
                     Chapter 11 Circadian rhythms
                     Chapter 12 Sleep and wakefulness
                     Chapter 13 The pupil
                     Chapter 14 Trophic disorders
                     Chapter 15 Pain perception and the autonomic nervous system
                     Chapter 16 Biofeedback and operant conditioning
                     Chapter 17 Aging and exercise
                     Chapter 18 Autonomic neuropathies
                     Chapter 19 Progressive autonomic failures
                     Chapter 20 Paraplegia and tetraplegia
                     Chapter 21 Autonomic adaptation to hypoxia: mountain medicine
                     Chapter 22 The autonomic nervous system in space
                     Chapter 23 Testing autonomic function
                     Subject index

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"Taking the tilt table test"  by Linda Clement - Monday, July 13, 1998. Taking the tilt table test was a fascinating experience. I learned a lot about my disease, and I'm glad I did it, but I'm not getting back on one of those things unless they drag me kicking and screaming. A must read for anyone taking the TTT!

Johns Hopkins/NIH Florinef Trial. This study investigates the effects of the drug florinef on neurally mediated hypotension (NMH), and it's relationship with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

ORTHOSTATIC INTOLERANCE - an explanation of what happens physiologically.

Evaluation and Treatment of Orthostatic Hypotension - JOHN W. ENGSTROM, M.D., and MICHAEL J. AMINOFF, M.D.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia SyndromePatient's report on causes, symptoms, and treatment on POTS and related issues.

The Autonomic Nervous System  has two parts: the Sympathetic and the Para-sympathetic Nervous System. (National Parkinson Foundation)

Social Security Disability Program:  Table of  Contents-Social Security Handbook,  Social Security Disability Publications, Information, and Forms,  Disability Notes,  Welfare Reform and Childhood Disability,  Professional Relations Programs, Employment Support Programs, Congressional Testimony on Social Security Disability and other Issues, SSA Comments on HHS' Proposed Standards on the Privacy of Health Information

U.S. Department of Labor - How to File a Claim for Your Benefits - the easy to use site for legal information.

The Support Shop TM - The one stop shop for all your support hosiery and medical stocking needs! Get your compression stockings at Labor Day Sale, 10% off until 9-09.

Martindale-Hubbell - Checkout a lawyer or law firmbefore you hire them.  Since 1868, generations of lawyers have relied on Martindale-Hubbell as the authoritative guide to the American legal profession. The database is now regarded as the primary research source for information about attorneys and law firms around the world.

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If we cannot give patients what they require to meet their daily needs
we are somehow lacking in our humanity to our fellow man.

All those who are newly disabled with dsyautonomia and are applying for disability benefits, I wish you the best and Godspeed in the process.  The stress of living life with these limitations is quite enough without adding the financial woes of denial of benefits.

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