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   Opening date was Wednesday, March 23.
Closing date will be extended to April 5, 2005.
  See weather forecast below

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Eggshelland 2005
  Bunny Happy Easter Eggs
Faces of Animation
The theme this year is Faces of Animation The display includes; "Shrek2,"
  "The Incredibles,"
 "Sponge Bob Square Pants,"  and Betty Boop, with 6,648.
On display: March 23rd and extended thru April 4th
Eggshelland 2005 Photos
Eggshelland 2005 Photos Page I
Eggshelland 2005 Photos Page II
Eggshelland 2005 Photos Page III

Snow squalls from the beginning of March have pushed the seasonal snow total for greater Cleveland to just about 98.5 inches.  The record was 101.1 inches set in the 1995-96 winter season. A typical snow season produces around 55 to 60 inches of snow in Cleveland, and our total this season already ranks within the top 10 snowiest seasons.  The snow season still has a way to go yet. Although spring officially begins at 7:34 a.m. on March 20, snowfall has been recorded in Cleveland as late as May 10, and the latest trace of snow in Cleveland has been May 20.

Eggshelland 2002 was under a blanket of snow, take a look back.
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