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Visit Eggshelland 2009
"Zoo's Who" will be the theme for Easter 2009.

Join us for World Premiere of "Eggshelland" the Movie,
at Cedar-Lee Theatre, 4-17 & 4-18-2009.

Coming soon
Eggshelland 2006
Lyndhurst, Ohio
  Bunny Happy Easter     Eggs
Link to Full Display: Eggshelland 2006

 The theme this year is Animal Antics The display includes; "Dora the
Explorer," with 5,131 shells,  "Blues Clues,"  with 3,909 shells, and
," with 9,543 shells.
The display will be up from April 9th  thru April 17th.     
1031 Linden Lane        
Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
(440) 442-6061
Directions: From intersection of Richmond Road and Ridgebury - make three left turns on Roland, Ashwood and Linden Lane.
Click here: Eggshelland 2005
                    Eggshelland 2004
 Eggs Green Eggs
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